Now on the NYT: Operation Sword, and Two Fresh Baskets of Pix.

The NYT account of Operation Sword, a spoiling attack and sweep of the Charbaran valley against the Haqqani Network in eastern Afghanistan, was published today. A photo of the helicopter insertion of 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment’s reconnaissance company is above. Now never mind that pic. You can do better, because the story was accompanied by a photo slide show from the valley by Tyler Hicks that captured the operation from beginning to end. (Follow him on Twitter; he’s @TylerHicksPhoto).

And that was not all from Tyler. Today was one of his days. He had a front-page photo from the field in Afghanistan, and another front-page photo from recent assignments on the Mexican-U.S. border. And that story of the border was accompanied by — you guessed it — another remarkable slide show. Two front page images, two long digital displays of hard-won work, one day. And Tyler is already back at it; below is an image of him yesterday on a patrol with the battalion’s 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company in the village of Zerok. 

Tyler takes you there. He has for years. And the timing today for this eruption of fine work was near perfect, as tomorrow, if the plan holds, we will be celebrating this man’s long file from Afghanistan on the Lens blog.  The text of that post will be about Tyler — something of who he is, what drives him, and how he works. But the photos? Afghanistan, and its latest war.

Below, in Zerok, he found some shade yesterday, and allowed himself a quick break.


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