RPG Projectiles in the Current Syrian War.

On Rogue Adventurer, Nic R. Jenzen-Jones has been compiling information on variants of rocket-propelled grenades circulating through the ongoing fighting in Syria. As mentioned in a previous post about sharing images and pooling ethically-obtained and reliable data, these are for him.

The projectiles above (we were at first told by the current handlers) were Iranian, but Nic is quick to note that in fact they are Egyptian, from AOI. The rebels also claimed that they had been captured by the Voices of the Right brigade from forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. If this is so, then in the age-old ways of insurgency and guerilla war, they were then turned back against their owners. (The Voices of the Right is one of several units fighting under Jamal Marouf, the commander who has gained stature for downing Syrian Air Force MiGs. His units typically display the black logo, bottom row, right.)

But these may have come in from outside; there is not enough evidence to say. What was clear was that most of the weapons we saw in rebel hands appeared to be captured or purchased on black markets. (The packing and shipping label, bottom row, is for RPG-7 HEAT rounds shipped to the Syrian Ministry of Defense in the late 1990s.) The reports of large shipments heading to the rebels from outside were not substantiated, at least not by us.


From Jebel al-Zawiya. Last month.


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