Collaborations Through Sharing Research: More RPGs.

Nic R. Jenzen-Jones continues to compile a list of the RPG-7 projectiles circulating in the current Syrian war. His update is here.

We noted last week our intention of sharing - via this blog and its associated social-media accounts and a new account on Pinterest - more images and data from the field. This is to help responsible arms researchers and journalists in their work and to encourage broader documentation of weapons and their influences and effects. Bit by bit, the workings the arms trade, formal and informal, stand to be illuminated to greater degree if we pool resources and use the readily available tools for sharing and conferring over what we turn up.

Last week, using this blog and Pinterest, we posted images of an assortment of RPG-7 projectiles, which Nic used in his compilation, which is linked to above.

Today I add a batch of recent images of the markings on launchers in rebel possession in Syria. You’ll see a range of sources, in what amounts to finds that are both interesting and predictable. The variety is consistent with what we have otherwise seen and noted repeatedly — the weapons carried by the anti-Assad opposition are a hodgepodge, and have been cobbled together by many means. No surprise there, either.

Nic, over to you again.


RPG-7 launchers in possession of antigovernment fighters in Aleppo and Idlib Governorates, Syria. August and September, 2012. 


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