Scenes from Aleppo: Park Defoliation, After & Before.

At top, the almost treeless tract of a park that is having its trees dropped and carted off by residents for firewood. (This section os the park is near a busy road, so its trees have disappeared first). At bottom, another section of the park, further from the road, where children with hatchets and saws are at work.

In not too many weeks, if the fighting and the shortages in Aleppo persist, and fuel prices remain high, most of the city’s shrubs and trees could be gone.

On the NYT, a look at how the battle for Syria’s largest city has affected civilian lives


Aleppo, Getting a Desperate Trim. By the author. Last week. (Given the city’s arid climate, it will be decades before new trees grow to anything like the size of these, which are vanishing by the hour.)


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