Arms-Trade Data Sharing. Headstamps on Kalashnikov Ammunition in Aleppo.

At last, on a sleepless jet-lagged night, comes a chance to dig through photo files from last month and cut, crop and post a small batch of headstamp images from one of the fronts in Aleppo.  

These were unexpended rounds removed from magazines, with the fighters’ permission but nonetheless hastily, as we were busy with other things. We hope they can add to the understanding of the sources of the arms in the conflict. No matter your position on the war, no matter the outcome you hope for Syria and for its people, understanding arms flows and origins is important, as it provides a means to illuminate one of the mechanisms by which the wars are fought.

So we share these with other researchers, with transparency, as per this. And we’ll get these headstamps up and archived on Pinterest straightaway.

Note carefully, as you look, at the different fonts in the 7.62x39 caliber stamping. See the different sizes of the letter x on different headstamps? Notice the variation in the shape of the 6’s? The shifting decimal point? This is why text-based headstamp keys can be deceiving, and images count. More on the utility of headstamps for researchers? Go here.  (And notice, after you do, that another font altogether appears, as does a different means of attaching the primer.)


By the author. Aleppo. Last month.


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