From the Department of Oops-I-Think-I-Goofed-On-Your-Tattoo. 

Not sure that he cares, given how busy he is of late, but A$AP Yams, “the behind-the-scenes swami in the career of hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky,” seems to have an anatomically incorrect tattoo of an assault rifle on his left forearm.  The pic is a bit too grainy at this resolution for stone cold certitude, but the rifle shown appears to be a mirror image of a Kalashnikov. The selector lever for the AK line resides on the opposite side of an actual Kalashnikov’s receiver. 

Bad tattoo stories were a staple of my Marine days. I sometimes wonder about my own. Would be interested in the back story here. Mr. Yams? 


Down since birth. Top, and mini-insert, middle left, By Chad Batka for the New York Times. Middle right, by the author, somewhere along the way. Bottom, from the A$AP Yams tumblr.


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