Unsafe Handling:  PTAB 2.5M Submunitions in Truck Bed.

Unexploded ordnance should not be handled. 

For more about safety and better behaviors around unexploded ordnance, and for downloadable and printable safety posters, including in Arabic, go here, to the site of Responsible Researchers of Munitions & Arms, or RRMA. (Follow RRMA on Twitter, @ArmsResearch.)

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of this informal association of researchers who share an interest in tracking the arms trade and its effects in a safe and responsible fashion

What is RRMA? This is the quick explanation:

  • RRMA is an informal and international association of journalists and private citizens committed to the safe and timely identification of arms and ordnance in use around the world, and to sharing findings with other researchers and the public. Note that we put the word safe before the word timely. These items may be used in crimes, conflicts, wars, or just found in everyday life, at any point from the distant past to the present day.

    We believe that the accurate and thorough documentation of specific arms and ordnance in circulation is essential to understanding conflict, crime, public safety, public health and the arms trade, and to informed discussion and debate. In the age of social media and of instant Internet querying of loose ordnance and battlefield finds, which since the war in Libya in 2011 has become an increasingly common pursuit, we came together out of a shared concern for the well-being of many of the people approaching or handling ordnance and weapons in the field.


Posted today on the Facebook page of Mahmoud Jabaly of the Syrian Revolution Coordinators Union, after the reported cluster munitions strike in al-Bab. Posters by N.R. Jenzen-Jones, RRMA. (Follow Mr. Jenzen-Jones, @RogueAdventurer)


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    Reality for some people is a sad & heartbreaking one. Praying for all the people seeking peace & justice.
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