More Images of the Scattering of Type 84 Mines in Misurata

At top, the cargo truck driven by Faisal el-Mahrougi, after striking two of the mines Thursday night. At bottom, remnants of a Type 84 Model A in the ground, after being detonated by a rebel bullet.

The identification of this munition took time and care to get right, then more time to confirm to our satisfaction. Thanks go to several people who pitched in: Richard Jones at Jane’s, Peter Bouckaert and Mark Hiznay at Human Rights Watch, Matt Schroeder at the Federation of American Scientists, friends at the Small Arms Survey and the Halo Trust, and to a few others in the EOD community — you know who you are — who prefer, for good reasons, not to be named.

For much better pics, go to the article on the NYT site, and see the work of Bryan Denton. (Follow him via his Twitter handle: @bdentonphoto.)


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