On the NYT: More on Looting, Arson in Libya.

The article went live was we slept. It’s here. With pics by @bdeontonphoto, shown below, photographing the rotting remains of five men whose bodies had been hidden in a cement basin on the road outside Qawalish.

Most of the pictures in that sequence are too gruesome to publish here. The dead men appeared to be wearing the olive green uniforms of pro-Qaddafi forces.

There were signs suggesting they had been executed and then lifted atop the basin and dropped down this hatch and hidden away from view. One of the men had his pants bunched down around his ankles. Another appeared to have been beheaded, though the orientation of the bodies made this not quite possible to verify without entering the basin, which we did not do and in any event would require equipment — like a ladder — that we did not have. Here is a view of the hatch, some of the blood stains, and a very limited glimpse of the far more disturbing scene below.

And here is the basin itself, beside an olive grove. The bodies were within.

Who were these men? Who killed them? Why? None of this was clear. A sixth rotting body was buried under one of the olive trees to the left.


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