Arms Trade Data-Sharing: Soviet Incendiary Bombs and Bomblets, The Color-Code Guide.

Now that the Syrian Air Force appears to have escalated anew and introduced another type of cluster munition into the war — variations of the ZAB bomblets delivered by RBK dispensers — we post the data above. Note that it includes submunitions and unitary free-fall bombs, and that the three columns include the paint scheme for the body, the nose band and the body band.

We post these tables with hopes they might help field researchers work toward clear identifications of UXO in situ and perhaps, given time, they might also help link particular weapons to particular air force squadrons and particular strikes.  We also hope this can complement the work of others, including Eliot Higgins and Nic R. Jenzen-Jones, who are trying (remotely, via video reports) to document these weapons as they are used.

We’ll be back in the field soon, so want to get this up (and a few other posts, too) while time allows. Meanwhile, please note that in Syria and elsewhere these bombs and bomblets, like almost all UXO, should not be approached or handled in almost any circumstance. Any images made should be made from a distance.